Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Friday, March 19, 2010

Soccer Sharks!

Jack has started soccer this spring and I think he's really enjoying it. He is a Maroon Shark and on a team with mainly 5 year olds (so they are pretty good).

Random Photos

Caroline LOVES stickers!! Somehow she started putting them on the refrigerator and so now we have quite a collection. Initially she put them directly on the fridge and after the first round and several bottles of Goo Gone later, my mom suggested putting cling wrap down before the stickers which has worked wonders. So, if you're ever wondering what to send our sweet girl, stickers are always a good choice.

Jack got a new haircut a couple weeks ago. I think it makes him look so much older.

Juice boxes and nice weather make life better.

Caroline and her friend Evie. She was trying really hard to get Evie's toys.

Friday, February 12, 2010


It doesn't happen often, but we actually had some snow in Texas yesterday so despite illness, I let the kids bundle up and go outside for a brief time period. They both loved it!! Wish they were feeling better so they could have stayed out longer. Maybe next time...

Random Videos


Watching baby Selah.

Watching the Superbowl with friends.

Randomness Since December

Working on birthday cards for Lainee and Grandma.

Throwing a fit in the dirt.

Posing with mom, the new brunette.


The fellas

Nashville for Christmas

We met Nathan's family in Nashville for Christmas this year. We had a great time hanging out together and watching the kids go crazy over all the presents.

Santa Visits

The kids got a lot of 'recycled toys' this Christmas...but it didn't seem to change their love for the 'new' stuff one bit.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Scooter King

Jack got a scooter for his birthday so he's been busy testing it out. It's been a little chilly outside so we've spent most of the time riding it in the garage but he still really likes it. I read a lot of reviews on these scooters prior to shelling out the money and I have to honestly say that they are pretty great and worth the money.

Jack Turns Four

Jack celebrated his fourth birthday last week. It was an exciting weekend. We had a superhero birthday party on Sunday with some of his friends and had a great time. Thankfully my parents were here to help me get things together. I was probably more ambitious because they were around to help. At the party we made capes, bowled for villains, saved the city from falling rocks (black balloons), survived a difficult obstacle course, and testing our web spinning abilities (silly string fight). Of course, there was also cake and ice cream and presents. I took a lot of ideas from this site. I love the internet! Anyway, it was actually a lot of fun for me and I was happy to have a creative outlet.

Pancakes with Santa

Caroline was apprehensive about talking with Rudolph but she was much braver than Jack (who was standing so far away you can't even see him in this picture).

One of the local churches in our area had a morning where you could come and eat pancakes and meet Santa for $5 (yes, for the entire family). It was great. Lots of food and they even had crafts and games for the kids to play after they were finished. We didn't meet Santa because the line was too long and wasn't moving very fast but it wasn't a wasted trip, either.

Friday, December 04, 2009

Thanksgiving in Missouri: Part 1

Caroline with Grandma and Walker

Caroline and Aunt Lainee

All the cousins getting ready to decorate Christmas cookies.

Christmas cookie decorating.

For Thanksgiving, we packed up the mini-van and headed to Missouri. It was a long 10-hour ride but worth getting to see my folks and sisters. Since we are spending Christmas with Nathan's family we also went ahead and opened gifts together. All the kids had a great time and did fairly well getting along with one another. On Friday the ladies hit the Black Friday sales (minus Caroline - although I'm sure she could have wrestled away whatever she wanted since she gets lots of practice doing that to her older brother). I know this post's pictures are heavy with Caroline photos but I promise it is only because my son refuses to get his picture taken. I try to keep it fair.

Thanksgiving in Missouri: Part 2

Caroline appearing to decorate herself more than the cookies.

She wasn't ready to give up yet.

Opening presents with my family.

A rare family picture with all of us actually looking at the camera. Notice how happy Jack looks. Ha. Well, it was almost perfect.

Science Museum

Jack and Lily heading into the children's museum.

Caroline posing for a picture.

Shooting waterguns outside.

Really cool dinosaur slide in the gift shop. Yes, they know how to lure you in.

Jack and Lily figuring out the cool wind tunnel.

A few weeks ago we met up with our friends Lily and Ashley to check out the newly improved Science Museum. We had a great time. And since it was the grand re-opening we got in for FREE! Can't beat that. Even Caroline had fun exploring all their 'pretend play' centers. At one point she was wearing a tutu and playing amongst the fellas in the 'train' section. I guess that's what happens when you have an older brother. Anyway, I highly recommend the place. Lots of fun. We are hoping to use some of our Christmas money to buy a family membership. I think when the cold weather hits it will be a great place to hang out indoors.


One of Jack's favorite things to do is race his sister in the driveway. He has figured out it is pretty easy to win so I think that fuels his competitive spirit. In a few years, though, I have a feeling his sweet little sister will give him a run for his money.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Heading out to trick-or-treat. Note the bee's wings are upside down.

My two dangerous creatures prior to hitting up houses for treats.

For Halloween, we spent the evening with my sister and her boyfriend and our good friends. We trick-or-treated in a great neighborhood before heading back to their house for some great paella. Jack actually wore his costume this year, too, which was a nice change from years past.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Trunk or Treat

Jack was trying to look scary in each of these shots.

My little wingless bumblebee.

So, in preparation for Halloween next week we had a trial run at the local 'trunk or treat' event. It was a lot of fun but there were a ton of people out and I think Jack was a little overwhelmed. It was also kind of warm so I'm hoping on Halloween it will cool off a bit so my children don't melt in their costumes.


Whitney and Hayden

Jack and Hayden checking out the elephants.

Having fun after the show.

The circus was in town a couple weeks ago and they were nice enough to have a night honoring teachers so teachers and their family members were admitted for free. Jack and I and some friends of ours took advantage of the free tickets and had a wonderful time. The boys loved the clowns, tigers, and baby elephant. I couldn't get over the daredevil stunts. I really forgot how terrifying the circus can be.